Setup environment

The BA Book Everything plugin requires at least one configured booking rule for its work. Therefore the plugin is bundled with startup rules, which you could use for easily start.

General Settings

You could find the default settings and change them in the BA Settings page on the WP dashboard. Their names speak for themselves. To begin with, you may need to change some of them:

  1. Date format – d/m/Y or m/d/Y.
  2. Booking object post slug – set the word from your business, like apartment, tour, etc.
  3. Booking object singular name, general (plural) name and menu name – to customize the page titles on the dashboard.
  4. Service pages – you could select own pages instead of those installed by the plugin.
  5. Add meeting points functionality – this could be useful for services such as tours or events.
  6. Currency settings – select from presets and customize.
  7. Confirm item availability – the general confirmation mode could be set to Automatically (by default) or Manually (confirm every order from dashboard or e-mail).
  8. Emails settings – to set up emails logo, general image, texts and color scheme.
  9. Google map API setting – to set up your personal API key, map zoom and marker.

Booking rules

The booking rules differ depending on the business. For example, you have to set basic booking period on “1 day” for car rental, “1 night” for apartments, or “recurrent custom” for tours. You can sell seats or tickets, or rent object at once. You could create as many rules as you need, and use them all on one site.

The plugin requires at least one configured booking rule to be used in the categories in the following steps.


If you want to set prices based on the age of the customers, you have to add all ages as terms in the Ages taxonomy. Note, that “order” meta field is required. It defines the main age for basic price calculation. With the smallest number will be the main age (usually – adult), others will be sorted by ASC.


The “Categories” taxonomy – here, the basic post configurations are created for use as templates for our booking objects. In the category we are seting up booking rule, taxes, additional services, questions & answers, other taxonomies, step by step description and Google map integration. You could create as many categories as you need.


You could create different custom taxonomies (Features, Amenities, Activities, Destinations, etc.) from “Taxonomies” menu to use with the Categories on the previous step. Each taxonomy is created first as a term. Then, after updating the web page, the taxonomy appears in the main menu of the plugin with its name.


The plugin allows you to add Questions & Answers to your booking object page in a simple way, by creating FAQ posts and selecting them when editing a booking object post.

Additional Services

In a similar manner you could create additional services to sell them with bookings. Service price could be calculated per Booking, per Person, per Day, per Night, per Person/day or per Person/night. This can be one common price for all ages or a different price by age.


If you activated “Add meeting points functionality” on the BA Settings page, the Places menu appears on the dashboard. This post type is used to store addresses, coordinates and names of the meeting points for use when editing a booking object post.



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