Rates and Prices

Rates and prices system is easy to use and incredibly flexible in adjusting any price variations based on seasons (dates), week days (weekend rates, etc.), number of the guests or/and number of the days/nights.

Starting from BA Book Everything version 1.3 a new flexible rate system has been introduced.

On your booking object editing page, the new rates and prices section will look like on the screenshot below

Inside each rate you should specify:

  • Title – will identify rate at the backend and show in the availability calendar (required).
  • Date from, Date to – period when the rate is activated. You can setup both, or just one of them or leave all empty (to use the rate constantly).
  • Minimum booking, Maximum booking – limits available number of days/nights for single reservation (optional). If you use the “recurrent custom” booking period in your booking rules, this options will specify minimum/maximum number of guests per reservation.
  • Rate applies to days – limits week days on which the rate should be used. For example, select only Fri and Sat for “weekend nights” rate.
  • Start days – days of the week in which the reservation can be started. It can be useful for days or nights reservations (apartments, cars, etc.). If you use the “recurrent custom” booking period, you should setup available times for each needed week day in the Schedule section of the page.
  • General price – the price used in the calculation if conditional prices are not applied (required).
  • Price from – will used to show in booking object description on front end on the search result page, in “all-items” shortcode output, and in the booking object single post. If left empty, the value from general price field will be used.
  • Conditional prices – variable prices depending on number of the guests or/and number of the days/nights (optional).

On each price calculation request, all conditions will be checked from top to bottom of the rule list, and price will be calculated for each true condition. The last calculated price will be used.

For example, if you want to set one price for reservation with duration >= 2 nights and another price for duration >= 4 nights, the “4 nights” rule should be at the bottom of rule list. Otherwise, for “4 nights” reservation the calculated price will be from “duration >= 2 nights” rule as it’s also true and is last calculated.

Before save the rate you can sort created prices in the “Conditional prices” section just by dragging and dropping them with mouse.

You can create any number of rates according to your rental business model.

Each request for price calculation will use the first rate, which can be applied to the selected dates.
For example, if you have weekend rate and general “all days” rate, the weekend rate should be placed at the top of the rate list. You can sort created rates at any time just by dragging and dropping them with mouse.

Examples by rental types

Fixed deposit amount

Since BA Book Everything 1.3.6 you can set fixed deposit amount for each booking object on booking object editing page.


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