Event page may look as you like or as it created in your theme!

You could use any custom post type as event from your theme or create own post type, or use basic event post type, created by BA Event plugin! Setup what you need on the BA Event Settings admin screen.

If you use basic event post type from the BA Event plugin with all enabled event post parts the event page will look like this in your theme:

Event page content and the widget in the right side-bar may have another style (colors, fonts, etc.) depended on your theme styles.

To achive this result after installing BA Event plugin you have to do next steps in the site admin area:

  1. Go to menu BA Event Settings to add your Google API key (see more in Google Maps API docs).
  2. Setup inĀ BA Event Settings your currency and taxes details.
  3. Go to menu Events > Age Categories to create as many age groups as you need (they will be needed on the event creation step).
  4. Go to menu Events > Features to create all kinds of event features.
  5. Go to menu FAQ to create some questions and answers.
  6. Go to menu Testimonials to create first testimonials.
  7. Go to Events > Add Event to create first Event.
  8. Go to Appearance > Widgets, find “BA Event You may like” widget and add them to the side-bar.

Event scheduling is flexible with setting start/end event date, available week days, available times and excluded custom dates

Each event could have different age categories with different prices, different sets of Features, FAQ and Testimonials.

If any age category in the created event has 0 price, the booking such tickets will not reduce available tickets limit seted up in the Up to Guests event field

You could customize any event page part view by filtering its content in your child theme as described in Customization doc.


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